Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scrapbooking Retreat

Getting ready for the big weekend! Our scrapbooking retreat at the Crossroads B&B in Lindale. We have always had fun at these retreats and this weekend should be no different! Lots of food, fun (Scrap Crap Poker), and lots of scrapbooking! Here it is a mere 3 years later and I'm going to work on our wedding scrapbook. I started our Honeymoon book and still haven't finished but I intend to focus this weekend on just the wedding....lots of pink and black paper, ribbon, and embellishments. I guess I can finish our honeymoon book at the next crop weekend....November 15th!!!! Next I want to start my "Book about Me!" Because who can tell my story better than me? I also want to do a heritage book for my Mom and one for my Dad. Maybe I can finish those by next Mothers & Fathers day! I think if I am able to finish them before then I will give them early! I have lots of pictures, I just need to organize them and figure out who is in each picture. Daddy has lots of pictures for WWII that have soldiers in them he knows but I have no clue as to who they are??? Well, I've got to finish gathering things up and pack my clothes...oh yeah, we mostly wear PJ's!!!

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