Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I think this is the first time I've been awake to bring in a new year in several years. And, I think it's all because I took an allergy pill at about 6pm....I'm wired! I'm sitting here in the dark in the scrapbooking room and can see fireworks out the window. I hope the Mabank VFD is on their toes since a lot of us do live in the middle of hay meadows. No resolutions for the new year. There are many things I would like to accomplish but why resolve to do them...SLACKER! Ok...Lose a little weight, organize the cabinets and closets, re-organize the scrapbooking room (again), work in the flowerbeds, get the pavers down, quit spending so much on Ebay, keep your mouth shut....

See? Lots to do! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Chicken Road

I'm working on my next swap (due tomorrow! Arg!). It's called "My little corner of the world". What you do to participate is take 8 to 10 pictures of your town and send them to your partner. The partner I send to is in NY state. The partner that sends to me is in Australia. I've taken pictures of the new High School and other stuff around Mabank but, I couldn't pass up a picture of what Billy and I call "Chicken Road".

I don't think the picture even needs explanation! A couple of weeks ago we were going to MeMe & Paw's for dinner and, as usual, we left the house via the Chicken Road. Billy was cruzin' down the road and I saw Kat1 on the left hand side of the road and I hollered at Billy "Don't run over Kat1" then I looked up and there were about 6 chickens in the middle of the road and I hollered at Billy "Don't hit a chicken"....too late...there were feathers flying everywhere! I thought it was much funnier than he did. I really think Kat1 was about to pounce on one of those chickens.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm not too good at this Dotee Doll thing!

I joined a swap on! "A" Dotee Doll! A dotee doll is a small handmade doll that is about 4 - 6 inches long with the hanger and tail. The object of the swap is to make a dotee doll for the letter "A". A on it somewhere. I chose Armodilla! Hey! This is Texas! This is my first attempt. And dang-it....I've already signed up for "B"!?!?!?

Please don't laugh as hard as I did when I showed this to Billy. He was sweet enough to not laugh (to my face) but, did suggest that I take sewing lessons. I learned real quick that I suck at this dotee doll thing but, I intend to stick it out...maybe by "Z" I will have it down!

Maybe I should stick to scrapbooking?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well! We had a good Christmas dinner. We had a small group, just Me & Billy, MeMe & Paw, our friend Linda, and Billy's Mom Merle. Heather is on call at the hospital and won't be able to leave until 7pm. We are doing our annual after Christmas day run to all the Wal-Marts in seven counties...well, maybe only six...but the plan is: GBC Wally World, then to Ennis, then Waxahachie where we will hit not only the Wal-Mart but the Crafty Scrapper! I got an e-mail that they were selling everything for 40% off tomorrow!! Yippee!

I wanted to post a few pictures we took today. This one is our sweet doggie...CiCi.

This one is us again. I don't look very happy.

Family portrait.

All that enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch at the Johnson's.

That's Paw, Merle (I love the way she is looking at Billy), Billy, Me and CiCi in the back.
MeMe & Linda in the front. They look like someone just took their last candy cane!

....Now I must go! My tumbly is kinda rumbly!

Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working on Scrapbook for Brooke!

Brooke belongs to Jeff whom I share an office with. Brooke is in kindergarten. Jeff wanted a scrapbook of Brooke for his wife Emily for Christmas. I offered to make it for him. Here is the first layout pages.

Brooke loves cows. I found these paper-pieced cows on Ebay. They are cuter in person than when I ordered them or even on this layout picture.

More cows & cow stuff!

The next layout reflects Brooke's love of tumbling.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend at Holly Lake

All was good this weekend. We got to Holly Lake about 4pm on Saturday. Had a little dinner. Went to look at the local Christmas lights. Watched a little TV. On Sunday we drove about an hour and a half into Jefferson. Jefferson is an old town with lots to do. But, all we did was shop the little antique shops. I found a couple of glass dishes...I am addicted to glass dishes. I've been looking for some to put crackers in when we have little get-togethers.

This picture is of the Jefferson General Store.

And here is the Old Mill Antique shop.

Here is an odd picture!

We always have fun at Holly Lake!

Friday, December 5, 2008!

This swapping thing really is the best thing since sliced bread! I just got my envelope with my 50pc embellishment and it was super! I'm really upset I didn't send more. I kind of held back because I thought it was supposed to be kinda minimal...boy was I wrong. Look at the pic's and just see what I got!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I got my Cuttlebug today!

Now I can emboss cards with cute stuff! It came with a die that looks like a postage stamp and four different embossing folders. One is a Christmas present (pictured). There is a cupcake to represent birthday, a baby buggy and a heart that says "Love" in it. I can't wait to order oodles of embossing folders on E-bay!!!!

I'm super excited!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Look what I got! Christmas Card & Stickers swap! WOW!MOM!WOW! (that was me doing a somersault) An adorable Santa Christmas card and loads of stickers! I can't wait to use the flowers. All made up with brads & everything!