Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm not too good at this Dotee Doll thing!

I joined a swap on! "A" Dotee Doll! A dotee doll is a small handmade doll that is about 4 - 6 inches long with the hanger and tail. The object of the swap is to make a dotee doll for the letter "A". A on it somewhere. I chose Armodilla! Hey! This is Texas! This is my first attempt. And dang-it....I've already signed up for "B"!?!?!?

Please don't laugh as hard as I did when I showed this to Billy. He was sweet enough to not laugh (to my face) but, did suggest that I take sewing lessons. I learned real quick that I suck at this dotee doll thing but, I intend to stick it out...maybe by "Z" I will have it down!

Maybe I should stick to scrapbooking?


Marla said...

I'm with Billy - you do need some practice!! I am having a hard time trying to identify this with Armidillo?? Is it supposed to look like one, or does it have a picture of one somewhere on it??

(p.s., I wouldn't even come close to doing as well as you, so keep up the good work)!!

HeatherBabe said...

Heather, Sara, and Reeni say... "What the heck!!!" "It's very scary!" "But we still love you!"

Stacey in Texas said...

Awww, she isn't too bad for your first attempt! I'm betting by Z, you'll be a real pro ;)