Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well! We had a good Christmas dinner. We had a small group, just Me & Billy, MeMe & Paw, our friend Linda, and Billy's Mom Merle. Heather is on call at the hospital and won't be able to leave until 7pm. We are doing our annual after Christmas day run to all the Wal-Marts in seven counties...well, maybe only six...but the plan is: GBC Wally World, then to Ennis, then Waxahachie where we will hit not only the Wal-Mart but the Crafty Scrapper! I got an e-mail that they were selling everything for 40% off tomorrow!! Yippee!

I wanted to post a few pictures we took today. This one is our sweet doggie...CiCi.

This one is us again. I don't look very happy.

Family portrait.

All that enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch at the Johnson's.

That's Paw, Merle (I love the way she is looking at Billy), Billy, Me and CiCi in the back.
MeMe & Linda in the front. They look like someone just took their last candy cane!

....Now I must go! My tumbly is kinda rumbly!

Happy Holidays to all!

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