Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today Turned out Better

Today was better then the past week. Billy went to the deer lease so, Friday CiCi and I went to Marla's to spend the weekend. Friday night we met Sandy and Jim at El Jacalito in Crandall. We had a very nice dinner and visit.

Saturday, Marla and I loaded up and headed to McKinney to her friend Kandy's house. From there we went to Sam Moon! It was my first visit. I bought a purse and a duffel cute. The Luggage store had a bunch of neat travel stuff but, not too much luggage. Then we went to the Home store....too expensive. I couldn't figure out how they could sell purses so cheap but couldn't get a bargin on home accessories.

From Sam Moon we headed to Winstar Casino. Had lots of fun and I ended up leaving with $20.00 bucks more than I walked in with. I got lucky on the penny Wheel of Fortune.

Had fun! Gambled! Ate too much! All in all....good weekend!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Really Bad Week

Got picked for jury duty Monday. Served two days. Found the guy not guilty. Only to find out later he had done the same thing before and spent 9 years in the penitentiary. But, it was over 10 years ago and they couldn't tell us about that. It would have made a world of difference.

Found out Thursday that Tuesday, one of the guys that used to work with us had shot and killed himself.

Found out Friday I had lost a very dear co-worker. I've just been very sad since.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009! When will I post?

There has been a lot going on. Monday I went for Jury Duty for my first time in Van Zandt county. Got picked! Belck! Hopefully we will finish up early today! My Ex-Step-Brother-in-Law passed on Saturday. Joey had gotten cancer in his hip. They controled it for a while, but the same cancer then spread to his eye and his lung. After that their wasn' t much they could do for him. He went quietly. Meme and Heather and I went to the family visitation last night in Rockwall. But, yeah! I finally got the camera back from Heather last night! I will be able to take pictures of the pages I did for Meme's scrapbook. I'll post those this afternoon! I'm crossing my fingers we get out of this danged 'ole court case by lunch.

Keep you eyes peeled!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh! What a disappointment!

Well my loyal subjects! I regret to advise that I will not be posting today after all.

I just realized....I don't have a camera Heather! Who has my camera? It's funny that she left a comment calling me a SLACKER and she has my camera! Maybe when my little camera returns to it's rightful place upon it's throne of a charge I will be able to proceed with my postings!

But for now....just words!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slacker Time!

I can't believe I have gone over a week with no posts! I have fallen into the "uninspired" pit again. I was able to work on my mom's scrapbook this past weekend. I got several pages done and ate a bunch too! Um...I didn't eat scrapbook pages....chicken quesadillas and sopapilla cheesecake! I'm really busy at work right now (then why are you posting on blogspot?) but, I will post the pictures of the pages I did this weekend tonight.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

D Dotee is finished!

I finished my "Daisy Mae" for my ~D~ is for... Dotee Swap on

I think I'm getting a little better. I think if I had my sewing machine I could do a better job?! Maybe, maybe not...we will see. For now, it's hand finishing all the way!