Wednesday, March 18, 2009! When will I post?

There has been a lot going on. Monday I went for Jury Duty for my first time in Van Zandt county. Got picked! Belck! Hopefully we will finish up early today! My Ex-Step-Brother-in-Law passed on Saturday. Joey had gotten cancer in his hip. They controled it for a while, but the same cancer then spread to his eye and his lung. After that their wasn' t much they could do for him. He went quietly. Meme and Heather and I went to the family visitation last night in Rockwall. But, yeah! I finally got the camera back from Heather last night! I will be able to take pictures of the pages I did for Meme's scrapbook. I'll post those this afternoon! I'm crossing my fingers we get out of this danged 'ole court case by lunch.

Keep you eyes peeled!

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