Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today Turned out Better

Today was better then the past week. Billy went to the deer lease so, Friday CiCi and I went to Marla's to spend the weekend. Friday night we met Sandy and Jim at El Jacalito in Crandall. We had a very nice dinner and visit.

Saturday, Marla and I loaded up and headed to McKinney to her friend Kandy's house. From there we went to Sam Moon! It was my first visit. I bought a purse and a duffel cute. The Luggage store had a bunch of neat travel stuff but, not too much luggage. Then we went to the Home store....too expensive. I couldn't figure out how they could sell purses so cheap but couldn't get a bargin on home accessories.

From Sam Moon we headed to Winstar Casino. Had lots of fun and I ended up leaving with $20.00 bucks more than I walked in with. I got lucky on the penny Wheel of Fortune.

Had fun! Gambled! Ate too much! All in all....good weekend!