Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally! I'm posting!

I got my camera back from Heather and I've really been a slacker. I told my friend Marla I would post pic's of the Dotee's I've received so far in my ABC Dotee swap. Here are B - C & D.

I don't have A yet. The gal who started the ABC Dotee swap flaked out and I ended up taking it on. She was my partner in the A swap. I do have a private swap going on with another swapper who didn't get the D. She is making me an A and I am making her a D. I got another swap and my partner for that swap sent me a "Bonus" Dotee! Here she is.

I'm getting a root canal this afternoon! Yippee! So...I don't know if I'll feel like posting or not. If I do, I'll post the pictures of the layouts I made at the last crop. The pages for my mom's heritage album.
Type at 'cha later! Kim


Anonymous said...

Dotee Dolls are very cute!! I'm impressed. Hope you're doing well after that root canal!! See ya on Monday!!

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because that's the only way I can comment. Everything else knocks me out of Firefox!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim: Love your Dottee Dolls, really like the kitty cat one. Would love to have one just like it.Enjoy the Easter pics, so sorry we missed the family gathering. Mother & Daddy got their hot water heater fix today.
Hugs & love
Cousin Diane