Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look what I made!

Well! I started out pretty good and ended on a rough note. I wanted to make some scrabble tile pendants from some of the papers I got on the "42cent swap #19" on All started out well until I stuck my hand on top of the freshly glazed pentants. I added more diamond glaze and set them aside. I was looking for something in my sterilite 12"X12" holders and set one of the drawers right on top of the now freshly re-glazed pendants. So Kimberly? What did you learn? I learned if I ever intend to make more pendants I will find a far out-of-the-way place to set them until they are completely dry! (I do the same thing with stickles!) Here is a picture anyway!

On the treble clef tile you can kinda see the indentation on the top. It kind of looks like there is a ring on the outside of the tile. Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk. They would have been really cute though!
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did! We had such a good holiday I forgot to take pictures. I only got one and it was of Heather making mashed potatos! It's on my 35mm and I it was the first pic on the roll. It will be a while before those get developed.
Blog later, Kim

Friday, November 21, 2008

Swab-Bot Addict

I have quickly become addicted to this thing! I have already completed two swaps. The first was a Thanksgiving card swap. I sent Thanksgiving cards to four people and have gotten cards from three of the four that are supposed to send me cards. The second one was an International Christmas card swap. I sent cards to 6 different people. Four from the USA, one from Finland, and one from Australia. I have signed up for two more swaps. One is send postcards to five people with a Christmas recipe on the backside. I got my first recipe today and I kinda copied (like scraplifting) her design. She used an old Christmas card and just cut the front off and used that. She printed off her recipe and taped it on the card. I printed my recipe on cardstock and added address labels. For the side that should have a picture on it I just stamped a Christmas tree from SU's "Solemn Stillness" and embossed in gold. I am mailing those tomorrow. I just signed up for another swap that is for one Christmas card with a sticker sheet. That will be a down & dirty one (quick & easy). Oh yeah! I just looked at my pile and realized I signed up for a Scrapbooking one too. I had to fill a #10 envelope with scraps of paper. I think I overfilled it caused it needed two stamps. It's really turned out to be a fun website.!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November Crop!

Well we had great fun at the crop Saturday! Everyone had great projects to work on. I worked on Christmas cards. Here are some I completed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Cards for Swap-Bot

I'm doing another Swap-Bot! This time it's Christmas cards and it is International. I get to send out 6 Christmas cards and two of my 6 people are outside the USA. I'm looking forward to receiving my Thanksgiving cards from the last swap.

These cards were made earlier but, I made them none the less.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Cards!!

Wow! Two posts in one day! I just finished four Thanksgiving cards. I'm thinking about trading on Swap-bot. It's an interesting website Heather told me about. You can find others that want to trade simple things. The swap I'm thinking about trading in is a Thanksgiving card swap. You send your assigned swap person 4 cards and someone will send you will 4 cards. Here are the cards I made.

Some Recent Pages!! Finally!

I just got finished putting away all my goodies from the retreat in October. I did a couple of pages there that were "make-n-take" that I would like to share. The first one is of our group. We embellished the page with flowers & bling.

We were asked to bring in a pic of ourselves when we were teenagers. First, we played a game with the pictures. Sheri, our retreat hostess, layed out all our pic's and we had to guess whose picture belonged to whom. I won! (look below for my prize). Then we created a page from the items she supplied. The project idea was to write a letter from the future to ourselves when we were teens. I added notes like Have fun, watch out for that lanky boy (Billy), and Love that Brown eyed girl (Heather). Sheri is not only a retreat hostess but somewhat of a therapist!!
I call this page "Note 2 Self"

I want to add a couple of pages I made at our August crop from pictures made last Christmas. Marla made these pictures to put on a website called "elf yourself". The website took your head and put it on a dancing elf body. I saw it on the Today Show. Lester & Jenna were really funny elves. When Marla went to add us they had already closed down the website for the year. Awww! Too bad! So, I found these little "costumes" on 50% sale at Hobby Lobby after Christmas and made my own "Elf Yourself"! First is Santa Elf Billy & Head Elf Kim.

The next page of this layout is Secondary Elves Paw, MeMe, and Gary! This is a great picture of MeMe because Marla got her to smile!

I'm currently working on a calendar kit I got from the auction back in June. All the stuff is there to make a complete "book" type calendar but, I'm adding extra touches to each page. I've gotten the "book" made and have started on January. I really need to be sweeping and mopping floors but, that stuff can wait!!