Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look what I made!

Well! I started out pretty good and ended on a rough note. I wanted to make some scrabble tile pendants from some of the papers I got on the "42cent swap #19" on All started out well until I stuck my hand on top of the freshly glazed pentants. I added more diamond glaze and set them aside. I was looking for something in my sterilite 12"X12" holders and set one of the drawers right on top of the now freshly re-glazed pendants. So Kimberly? What did you learn? I learned if I ever intend to make more pendants I will find a far out-of-the-way place to set them until they are completely dry! (I do the same thing with stickles!) Here is a picture anyway!

On the treble clef tile you can kinda see the indentation on the top. It kind of looks like there is a ring on the outside of the tile. Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk. They would have been really cute though!
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did! We had such a good holiday I forgot to take pictures. I only got one and it was of Heather making mashed potatos! It's on my 35mm and I it was the first pic on the roll. It will be a while before those get developed.
Blog later, Kim

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