Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some Recent Pages!! Finally!

I just got finished putting away all my goodies from the retreat in October. I did a couple of pages there that were "make-n-take" that I would like to share. The first one is of our group. We embellished the page with flowers & bling.

We were asked to bring in a pic of ourselves when we were teenagers. First, we played a game with the pictures. Sheri, our retreat hostess, layed out all our pic's and we had to guess whose picture belonged to whom. I won! (look below for my prize). Then we created a page from the items she supplied. The project idea was to write a letter from the future to ourselves when we were teens. I added notes like Have fun, watch out for that lanky boy (Billy), and Love that Brown eyed girl (Heather). Sheri is not only a retreat hostess but somewhat of a therapist!!
I call this page "Note 2 Self"

I want to add a couple of pages I made at our August crop from pictures made last Christmas. Marla made these pictures to put on a website called "elf yourself". The website took your head and put it on a dancing elf body. I saw it on the Today Show. Lester & Jenna were really funny elves. When Marla went to add us they had already closed down the website for the year. Awww! Too bad! So, I found these little "costumes" on 50% sale at Hobby Lobby after Christmas and made my own "Elf Yourself"! First is Santa Elf Billy & Head Elf Kim.

The next page of this layout is Secondary Elves Paw, MeMe, and Gary! This is a great picture of MeMe because Marla got her to smile!

I'm currently working on a calendar kit I got from the auction back in June. All the stuff is there to make a complete "book" type calendar but, I'm adding extra touches to each page. I've gotten the "book" made and have started on January. I really need to be sweeping and mopping floors but, that stuff can wait!!

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