Friday, November 21, 2008

Swab-Bot Addict

I have quickly become addicted to this thing! I have already completed two swaps. The first was a Thanksgiving card swap. I sent Thanksgiving cards to four people and have gotten cards from three of the four that are supposed to send me cards. The second one was an International Christmas card swap. I sent cards to 6 different people. Four from the USA, one from Finland, and one from Australia. I have signed up for two more swaps. One is send postcards to five people with a Christmas recipe on the backside. I got my first recipe today and I kinda copied (like scraplifting) her design. She used an old Christmas card and just cut the front off and used that. She printed off her recipe and taped it on the card. I printed my recipe on cardstock and added address labels. For the side that should have a picture on it I just stamped a Christmas tree from SU's "Solemn Stillness" and embossed in gold. I am mailing those tomorrow. I just signed up for another swap that is for one Christmas card with a sticker sheet. That will be a down & dirty one (quick & easy). Oh yeah! I just looked at my pile and realized I signed up for a Scrapbooking one too. I had to fill a #10 envelope with scraps of paper. I think I overfilled it caused it needed two stamps. It's really turned out to be a fun website.!!!

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