Saturday, March 21, 2009

Really Bad Week

Got picked for jury duty Monday. Served two days. Found the guy not guilty. Only to find out later he had done the same thing before and spent 9 years in the penitentiary. But, it was over 10 years ago and they couldn't tell us about that. It would have made a world of difference.

Found out Thursday that Tuesday, one of the guys that used to work with us had shot and killed himself.

Found out Friday I had lost a very dear co-worker. I've just been very sad since.

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~Kristin Lynn~ said...

Hey! I just found your blog!! I have been thinking about you a SUPER lot lately and was glad to find this. :)

How are you!? I was going to shoot you an email, but was reading through your posts to catch up first and found this one. :(

Who has died??? Was it anyone we knew?

I hope to talk to you soon so we can catch up.