Monday, December 29, 2008

Chicken Road

I'm working on my next swap (due tomorrow! Arg!). It's called "My little corner of the world". What you do to participate is take 8 to 10 pictures of your town and send them to your partner. The partner I send to is in NY state. The partner that sends to me is in Australia. I've taken pictures of the new High School and other stuff around Mabank but, I couldn't pass up a picture of what Billy and I call "Chicken Road".

I don't think the picture even needs explanation! A couple of weeks ago we were going to MeMe & Paw's for dinner and, as usual, we left the house via the Chicken Road. Billy was cruzin' down the road and I saw Kat1 on the left hand side of the road and I hollered at Billy "Don't run over Kat1" then I looked up and there were about 6 chickens in the middle of the road and I hollered at Billy "Don't hit a chicken"....too late...there were feathers flying everywhere! I thought it was much funnier than he did. I really think Kat1 was about to pounce on one of those chickens.


HeatherBabe said...

OMG... it's all I can say. OMG!

Marla said...

You reeeaaaally need to move back to the city!!

HeatherBabe said...

Check out my blog list and find one called MyLifeInLouisiana. Then scroll a couple of posts down... past the smart car, and to the pictures taken in macro with her new camera. I want this kind of camera!! AGH!!! Love you... make Marla start a blog!!