Friday, February 6, 2009

I Love getting Snail Mail!

What a wonderful day to pick up the mail! Usually, Billy gets home first and picks it up. But, today was my special day! I opened the box to find my mail order swim suit and two swaps!

The first to be opened was the Prom Picture Swap! This was really fun! You sent your partners a picture of you and your prom or dance date along with a little description of the event.

Mine was more than I could have imagined. Four pictures of couples. One was my swap partner and her date, another was her husband and his date. The third was their son and his date and finally my partner's husbands grandparents. A picture from 1905. I think it may have been their wedding picture. There is a bouquet in the picture. She also sent two lovely ATC's. All-in-all, this was a wonderfully fun swap!

The next envelope was from the Lottery ticket swap! This swap was started by my daughter! The idea of this swap was to send your partner an un-scratched lottery ticket! Guess what? The ticket sent to me was a $30 winner! Look! Three strawberries in a row. On a row that ends with $30.00! Yippee!

I love Swap-Bot!!

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a.m. design said...

Sweet, that was a lucky day to pick up the mail. The set of prom pictures together is a nice collection. I thought about joining the prom pic one but couldn't part with my pictures.
Thanks for the link.
-HotCakes on swap-bot