Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Dotees in one Envie

Look! Y and W Dotees from swaps! W should have been here a couple of weeks ago but, apparently lost her way on the way here. I got the same partner for Y so she mailed both together. W is "White Wolf" and Y is Yellow Yarn. They are both very cute.
I got lots of snail mail today. In addition to the dotees I got a Creative Memories catalog, an envelope full of Creative Memories stickers from my consultant and a friendship book from Stefan in Germany. Stefan wrote a very nice letter and asked me to be his penfriend. I'm really not interested in writing letters like that so I'm going to send him a PC and ask Heather if she would like a penfriend. Heather is really big into the PC sending and is on all the time. Maybe she would like a Germany friend (whose English is lacking).
Two posts in one day! Wow! I am back!

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Beth Parker said...

They are both cute. What fun to receive such delightful gifts in the mail.