Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tools & Supplies Cont.....

Well, I just purchased another tool from e-bay just this morning. I bought a BoBunny Flex Ruler and I have bids on a Crimper and a new template from HOTP called Easy Stitches. I have been looking over the ruler for quite some time and stitches are everywhere!!! With this template you can make stitches without draggin' out the old sewing machine.

Now - let's get back to our tool and supply list.

27. Color wheel - A color wheel is great for helping select colors that complement and contrast with one another on page layouts.

A color wheel is great for those hard to match card stock colors. If you can't match it - contrast it!

28. Multiple mats - Nested templates are helpful for cropping photos and cutting mats quickly in many graduate sizes.

I love mats but hardly ever use more than one.

Here is a mat of a different sort - it comes from the book "More than a Page" from Memory Makers Books. The background is a solid piece of cardstock with several "scraps" to make one big multi-colored mat.

29. A computer - Eliminate misspellings and grammatical errors in your journaling by typing it on the computer first. Also, experiment with your word processing program to make page titles.

Here is a perfect example:

Three other people besides myself looked at this layout and not a single soul noticed I had misspelled "Sparkling". I got home and showed it to Heather and she said "Momma, who is the Sparl King?" She is such the smart aleck!!! That just gave me an opportunity to make another page called "The Sparl King".

30. Internet - Tons of fonts are available online for scrapbookers to download. It's also a great way to buy products, chat with other scrapbookers and find layout ideas.

At the price of gas now hovering around $4.00 a gallon it makes more sense to purchase items through sources like e-bay and other online stores. Here is a new one

31. Adhesive remover - Un-du adhesive remover is good for removing photographs from unsafe albums and for removing stickers and other items that weren't placed correctly.

Once again...never heard of this stuff. I need to get out there and check it out. Maybe some will let me know if they have used it before.

32. Albums - When starting to scrapbook, first choose the type of album you'd like to use (strap-hinge, post-bound or three-ring binder style). THis will be a determining factor for many other types of products you'll buy. A variety of album sizes are also available.

Right now I am loving the three-ring binders. I hardly ever post a two page layout that needs to meet in the middle. Secondly I like the strap-hinge or snap load hinges. These work great and no screwing & un-screwing.

33. Page protectors - The type of protectors you purchase will depend on the album style you choose. The top-loading style is easiest to work with, and can be used to store page elements before the page is finished.

Most important issue when using page protectors "one size does NOT fit all". If you have a favorite brand/type of album you need to remember which page protector to purchase.

34. Tweezers - A regular pair of tweezers is a helpful tool to keep with your scrapbooking supplies for picking up and placing small paper embellishments like punch art and placing them on your pages.

I showed you this in a previous blog...but, it's such a great tool you should have two in case someone wants to borrow yours:

35. Clear storage bags - Many scrapbookers use zipper-style storage bags for sorting scrapbook items, including die cuts, punched shapes and memorabilia.

Can't have enough of these little bags.

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