Saturday, September 27, 2008

San Diego

Well, I'm back from my quick trip to San Diego. I always enjoy going as it is a beautiful city and the weather is always perfect. But, it's so much better being home! I was able to meet up with a couple of people who have moved from Mabank to San Diego. On Thursday evening I had dinner with Sandra & Jean-Yves Rombeaux and their daughter Elodie.

I was able to see Helen Zhang and visit with her for a few minutes.

I took a few pictures while driving around. I was there and back so quick there wasn't much time for sight-seeing.
This picture was taken early in the morning and the fog was still on the harbor. This is a ship docked at the naval base, Rosecrans I think.

Here is a small portion of the SS Midway. The Midway is an aircraft carrier that is permanently docked in SD for tours. You really have to see it to get the true size of this vessel.

This is a little shop in an area on the harbor called SeaPort Village. There are several little shops specializing in different things. You can get caps, t-shirts, art, food....lots of different stuff!!

I took this picture while strolling through SeaPort Village

San Diego is a huge port for all sorts of sailing vessels. It is home to many cruise lines. There happened to be 3 cruise ships in the harbor while I was there. I took this picture from the window of my little rented Prius.

I had a good time and enjoyed seeing Sandra and Helen. But, I'm soooo much more glad to be home!