Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cleaning Up My Scrapbook Room Mess!!!

I got up around 5am this morning. Everyone but the dog and me was asleep so, I decided to work on my crazy ribbon project! I tumped out (turn over/dump for y'all that don't understand Texan!) my big ribbon tote onto the scrapbooking workspace and dug in.

CiCi offered to help!

Heather came over yesterday after her great Pampered Chef party at Dr. Arredondo's house to use our computer (since her's is on the fritz) to enter the orders and do some postcrossing posts. I know I woke up around 2am and the light was still on in the office. Like I said earlier, I got up around 5am. I usually potty then go straight to the computer in the mornings. This morning I found all her stuff still in the office but could not find her. Then after I made coffee I saw legs on the ottaman. She was curled up in our big chair covered in a fleece throw with her shoes still on and her sunglasses on her head. I went in later, after the sun was up a little, and found her with her sunglasses on her face so, I couldn't resist!

So...I got started sorting and storing ribbons. I finally got the new rack organized with most all the ribbons.

"I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille"

My ribbons tote went from the large one to the small one:

And, I was able to utilize the large one for my tools!

Here they are together so you can get a better idea of the sizes.

Now there is room for the new tool I got at the ScrapStampArtTour in Mesquite, Texas!

It's an Easy-Bow! You can't really tell but, it's a pretty good bow I made with it. It makes a total of seven size bows using up to 3/4" wide ribbon. I'm really excited about using this on cards and such as my handmade bows really bite!!

This is a huge post and took me from 5am this morning until.....4:11pm to finish.
Hope you enjoy it!


Sharlotte said...

I'm impressed. *smile* Looks like you've been busy organizing. That's what I need to do. My space looks like a tornado went through here. Great blog!

:-) Sharlotte

HeatherBabe said...

I agree Mother. Your handmade bows DO suck.. NO I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOWS!!! I want to try that thingy-ma-bobber!!

Love you, Love me,


a.m. design said...

Wow, that looks like it was a huge project. It is amazing how fast supplies add up!