Thursday, January 22, 2009

"To Do" List

Yesterday, I had a list of things to do:

Plant the bulbs and tubers I bought at Sams
Get all the Christmas stuff in the attic
Wash cloths (I think it's been a week since I washed any)
Cook spagette & meatsauce

It looked good on paper.

I got home, I parked the truck outside so I could get to the attic stairs. Billy and I started planting the flowers until he found a hole that needed dirt...he got a wheelbarrow full of dirt to fill that and while he was filling thw wheelbarrow his brother called. "We are playing Texas Hold 'Em tonight and Sheila fried chicken. Ya'll come over and play."

Yep! It looked good on paper! Now guess what I have to do tonight? But, I don't have to plant flowers!!!

1 comment:

HeatherBabe said...

The christmas crap is still in boxes in the living room... thanks for helping me... screw the paper!! :)