Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dotee Doll from Swap-bot.com

Isn't she beautiful? I love her. For those who check out my blog on a regular basis...you saw my Dotee (hee hee!) Well, let me tell you about this one. I joined a swap on swap-bot.com for an alphabet based swap. Starting with and A you made a Dotee that had something about the letter A on the doll. I made the horrible doll that is on an earlier post. I never received my A Dotee so I was really excited when I got this one today. Then when I was checking my e-mail I found that someone else that did the A swap offered to Angel me. That's an offer to send me what the swap partner did not send. That made me feel even better. I'm really excited about starting my B doll. I'll be sure to post a pic of that...hopeful it will be much better than the A!!!

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